saya lagi sedih

saya lagi sedih, kalo gitu tulis lirik aja:


lonely as hell, we keep up and keep up
as intruder you should leave while we breath
oh breathaking days, seems roll and roll
i believe that there's a day before
as i wanna the light cames
funny things come in
to me
mention my name and i wish you came back
i said take your time and you just leave
theres no such thing as "hey, youll be alright"
i runaway with my imagination
chasing the exit of my complex labyrinth of my mind

do you remember me ? you had place to stay
it aint me now, you got somewhere to laugh
all i wanna to do is got the line back
would it be free, i think to much
i spend to much time in the edge
thinking your hair and your smiles
thousand miles i go through
i see catherine now
i want get to you.

ini belum ada judulnya


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